ResolveLibraryProjectImport task failed unexpectedly in release mode in xamarin

This above mentioned error i got during my xamarin form project deployment in release mode. 
In my solution i have more then one project and this error indicates that linking between these project has been broken. If you are facing the same issue, then here i have listed out few scenarios that could help you to solve this issue:

1. Select the project in which error is pointing and Check the reference of other project and package. Reference with yellow triangle icon shows the broken reference. just delete it and re-add.
For any other project reference included in the current project, delete the current project reference and add the new one from release folder of that respective project.
Open "Configuration manager"

  Check all the checkboxes in build column. 

 Build and deploy

2.Check the xamarin version in Visual studio[Help->About->xamarin] it should be minimum If it is lower version then Update it from the stable channel.
3.Check the project folder path. It should not exceed 260 character. try by moving it to the most parent folder in the drive (like D:\)

4.Try by disabling the system security software.[have seen some reported issue with Avast anti-virus].

5.If you are opened the multiple instance of the Visual studio just close all and re-open.
I think this should solve the issue or if you have solved it by any other approach please comment back, so that it would be helpful to others with same issue :) . Thanks

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