MVC Multiple Screen Application and working with multiple table

In Brief:
 Let us now go through the simple multiple screen MVC application. Here the point of learning is how to link multiple tables, multiple screen navigation by making use of HTML Action Link. In previous article we have seen how to making use of Entity frame workand business object to fetch the data from the database.

Using Raw ADO.Net/Business object for data accessing in MVC

In Breif: In this article I’m going to explain how to use Raw ADO.NET as model in MVC.4 or Accessing Database by using business object/ADO.Net. This is the another approach to be used in the data layer. Previously in Dataaccess using entity framework article we have seen how to use entity framework for interacting Database.

Data access using entity framework in MVC

In Brief: In this article let us understand how to making use of database in MVC by using Entity framework . or Retrieve the data stored in database table by using the entity framework. In the Model in MVC i have explained about how to making use of model in MVC.

Model in an MVC Application

In Brief:
In this article let us make use of the most important part of the MVC pattern i.e. Model. Description about how the model can be used as data layer in mvc application. In the Introduction to MVC article explained role of the model and also about passing data from controller to view

Passing Data from Controller to View

In Brief : In this article i am going to explain how the data can be passed from the controller to view. In the previous article you can see how the routing is done in mvc let us proceed  from that article .

How Routing works in MVC Application

In Brief:
In this article i will explain how the routing is done in MVC Application. In the previous article  we have seen how the input request is get processed .
Let us progress with the same code from request processing article.

Composition of MVC Request path

Composition of MVC Request path

In brief : 
How the MVC request path is structured. Compare to normal web form application it has complete different format. Here that difference is explained by creating sample project. This article helps you to learn basics of MVC in steps.

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