Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name...

This is the one of the frequent error we will get during Xamarin android/Form development. Here i have posted the resolution steps for this error in both windows and Mac machines:

Step 1: From Solution explorer open the project and select "packages.config" file and check the current package versions.
Step 2: Check the installed package supportive library version in your system.
For windows:
Open path "C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Xamarin" 
For Mac:
Open "terminal" and run this command:
open /Users/[UserName]/.local/share/Xamarin

Step 3: Open package folder  and check the version installed.
If the current solution package version is not installed then you have to install it to this library folder or Revert back solution package version to the latest installed package version here[Delete and re-install from the nuget package manager].

Step 4: Delete all the files inside the "zips" folder and Reload the project and  ReBuild  the project, it may take long time(Depends on the connection speed) to download and install the package.

Step 5: Still if you get the same error Delete all files and folder inside the "Xamarin" folder and repeat the above step. Now your error should be resolved.  

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