Weather Condition and Forecast App using Xamarin android

Weather is also a another name for "Uncertainty". which is nearly impossible to predict. especially in rainy season changes its mode in a quick time without any clue.

By keeping this in mind, just i have made an attempt to bring the Weather Condition and Forecast estimation app by using the Yahoo weather API.

Requesting REST Webservice with JSON in C# Xamarin Android

In Brief: Webservice is an integral part of Mobile application development. To build any dynamic application web service is must and should. In simple word it is like bridge for the communication between client and server.  In this post i will explain how to build app with REST web service.

Android Soft Key Board/Soft Input Window Customization

This code log entry is regarding adding Action key to Xamarin.Android soft keyboard. When I tried to do this in one of my project,faced a little problem,So updating here to avoid in future ;( and may helpful to somebody those who are looking for the same.
To Add "search" to softkeyboard. 
        android:textSize="22dp" />