ReOrder the list items by drag and drop in xamarin android using RecyclerView

Brief:  Explanation with simple steps to how to re-order the list items by long press, drag and drop using recycler view in xamarin android.

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DescriptionIf you are looking for a requirement of re arranging the list items based on some priority then you are in the right place and here you can go through the example. Lets get in to the steps,

Step1: Create the new xamarin native project and add the below required packages.

On installation of above packages it will install all the required child packages also.

Step2: Create UI
Add new layout file one for recycler view and another one to dispay custom row item. 

In my example considered displaying quiz question with answer requiring to set the item in correct order.


Step3: Add Interfaces
Need to add two interface to deifne touch and drag
1. IOnStartDragListener.cs   
 OnStartDrag : Called when a view is requesting a start of a drag and accepts viewHolder of the recycler view to drag.

2. ITemTouchHelperAdapter.cs 
OnItemMove : Called when an item has been dragged far enough to trigger a move. This is called every time an item is shifted, and not at the end of a "drop" event. 
OnItemDismiss:Called when an item has been dismissed by a swipe

Step4: Add ItemTouchHelperCallback Class Create new class SimpleItemTouchHelperCallback by inheriting from ItemTouchHelper.Callback

Here overriden below three methods provided by the ItemTouchHelper.Callback base class
1.GetMovementFlags : To update the touch movement state 
2.OnMove : To Notify the adapter of the moved position
3.OnSwiped  : To Notify the adapter of the dismissal

Step5: Create Adapter and view holder Class
Here ReOrderAdapters implemented ITemTouchHelperAdapter for the above mentioned functionality and IOnLongClickListener
to listen to the long click event.


Step6:  Add Activity Class
Created the activity ReOrderActivity and implemeted interface IOnStartDragListener.

Git link:

Screen recording:

This is all about the implementation of reorder list in xamarin android using recycler view. Keep visiting for more exciting stuffs and follow us on FB Page.


  1. NotifyDataSetChanged() alone wont help in showing index of each item. you need to update custom layout text view with position and position based on OnItemMove()

  2. Hello, thank you for this tutorial. I'm hoping you can help. I now have firebase realtime database set up with my app but now the drag and drop feature on my items no longer work.

    I can drag the items but they just hover over all the other items and when I start dragging an item the other items don't move to fill the space.

    Do you have any idea how I can fix this?


    1. Doesn't matter which database you used here. Just check OnMove method in SimpleItemTouchHelperCallback class something missed here.

  3. Adding reordering items is currently one of my most challenging tasks on my current app, so hopefully your tutorial will help me. However, because my app uses Xamarin.Forms, one thing that I hope to do at some point is convert your code into a Custom Renderer. If you have any suggestions comments or suggestions for doing this, it would be appreciated (along with the already much appreciated tutorial!). Thanks!

  4. I cannot find ReOrderAdapter.cs?? Where to fond it?

    1. You can refer it from here :